Monday, April 6, 2009

Mongolia | Zaisan Tolgoi | Birthday Bacchanalia

To celebrate my Birthday I recently held a Bacchanalia at my hovel in Zaisan Tolgoi. Present were Uyanga, Jaga, Tuul, Yooton, and Saraa.

Gorgeous Uyanga with an equally mouth-wateringly delectable Chicken

Tuul, Jaga, Yooton (a.k.a. Enkha) and Uyanga reveling at my Bacchanalia


Yotoon, a.k.a. Enkha

Jaga (left) and Saraa, showing off her truly formidable biceps. In her senior year in High School she won First Prize in the Girls’ Arm Wrestling Competition.

Mongolia | Ulaan Baatar | Zaisan Tolgoi

It has occurred to me that while I have often mentioned Zaisan Tolgoi, the district where I live on the outskirts of Ulaan Baatar, I have never posted any photos of the Zaisan Tolgoi (tolgoi = head, or hill) itself. Since the temperatures recently soared into the mid-sixties Fº and Accounting Maven Saka had a day off work we decided that it was a good time to climb to the top of this well-known local landmark.

Approaching the summit of Zaisan Tolgoi

Saka taking a breather near the summit of Zaisan Tolgoi

The Ikh Burkhan (Big Buddha) and western Ulaan Baatar from the summit of Zaisan Tolgoi
Ikh Burkhan (Big Buddha)

Downtown Ulaan Baatar viewed from the summit

War Memorial at the summit of Zaisan Tolgoi

Mural on the inside of the War Memorial touting Mongolia-Soviet Union Friendship
More Mongolia-Soviet Union Friendship

Saka at the War Memorial

Ulaan Baatar from the War Memorial

Saka and still-frozen Tuul River beyond


New apartment complex just to the south of Zaisan Tolgoi, with Bogd Khan Mountain beyond