Friday, January 9, 2009

Mongolia | Ulaan Baatar | Pearl Gallery | Art Show

Wandered by the Pearl Gallery, located next to the Vegetarian Center Restaurant (which by the way has been receiving Rave Reviews) just south of the Bayangol Hotel. On display were new works by Soyolma, one of whose works has just been named “Painting of the Year” in Mongolia.

The lovely Soyolma and her Buddha

Soyolma’s Buddha

Soyolma’s painting of Milarepa

Soyolma’s “The Horse,” named “Painting of the Year” in Mongolia

The Wildly Acclaimed and Drop-Dead Gorgeous Artist Mönkhtsetseg on the left. In the last ten years her works have been featured in twenty-three exhibitions. On the right is Lionized to Say Nothing of Charming and Gracious Ceramics Artist Otgonbayar.
Original ceramic work by Otgonbayar on display. Contrary to a rumor circulating at the gallery, Mönkhtsetseg did not, repeat DID NOT, pose as the model for this work. The irresponsible rumormongers spreading this tale should be hauled off to Sükhbaatar Square and given a sound horse-whipping for the edification of the general populace.